Cloud Backup Comparison



Online Space


DropBox Pro£9.16 a month 1TBSync (1-3 Day Support reposnse)
Amazon Cloud Drive£26.66 a month1TBSync (Selected file types only)
Microsoft Azure Drive£50.04 a month1TBSync Docs & Pics
JustCloud£3.74 a month75GBSync & Backup
SugarSync£9.99 a month100GBSync & Backup
Mozy Home User£7.99 a month125GBSync & Share

XL Cloud

£15.77 a month

2TB (2048GB)

1TB Storage + 1 TB Backup. Sync, Share, Automatic Backup & File Versioning

Our Cloud Combo packages come with UNLIMITED Computer licenses, Live Chat Support and start at £8.50 p/m for 512GB Cloud Storage + 512GB Online Backup.

We regularly check our services and prices against our competitors to ensure that we continue to provide the very best value-for-money products and services.